Can I delete command 'const { round } = util;'?


Description of the problem:
I want to use a template which the developer created in Psychopy 2020.1. The script is not working in Psychopy 2020.2, only if I delete the command ‘const { round } = util;’. What does the command, ‘const { round } = util;’, work for? In addition, what do these commands described with ‘some handy aliases as in the psychopy scripts’ mean?

Thanks for your attention. I am looking forward to your reply.


These are things which used to be recommended in my crib sheet to help the auto translate. const { round } = util; means that you no longer need to define round() in code_JS

Thanks for your email. I have an additional question from you because you are the developer of the template (I am glad that you replied to the question). I am using the Screen Scale template and the link is as follows. Why does the template not work on the command? Please refer to the error messages on the screenshots from when I ran your template on 2020.2.

I wrote screen scale on 2020.1.3. To run it on 2020.2 you need to delete the round definition from code_JS. I’ll update the original at some point.