Boost Touch Capture Rate? Raw Touch Response vs Refresh Rate

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Description of the problem: Hey,

Using a Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1-Inch 32 GB Wi-Fi - Black (UK Version) for online tasks.

When we examine touch events with adb (android debugger bridge) we get a raw touch response rate of 100Hz+

When we examine data from an experiment we get ~57Hz - likely the refresh rate.

We know from (Matic & Gomez-Marin, 2019)(1) that “In the Android operating system, the touch location and the time- stamp are not usually provided in their raw form, …Maximal temporal resolution is equal to the screen refresh rate, which is 60 Hz (for the SM-T580 Samsung model we used).”

My query is there a way for Palovia (currently we use the Mouse I/O component) to get access to the values in between refreshes - I have already explicitly unset the value in [Data] to not sync with screen refresh.