Associate slider and text

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I am looking to pair my slider and text. On one routine, I have three scales and three texts that I would like to present in pairs (one scale and one text, always the same pair) in a random way. By exemple : first text is “How much do you believe that it’s familiar” and the scale associated is 0 to 100 (Not familiar to familiar).

To do this, I would like to

  • either add text directly to my scale, or
  • or by adding a text component to the routine and associating it with the scale in question.

Here it is my code at python for the first slider:
Aim_S_VAS11 = visual.Slider(win=win, name=‘Aim_S_VAS11’,
startValue=None, size=(1.0, 0.02), pos=(0, -0.4), units=None,
labels=[“0” “Not familiar”, “100” " “Familiar” ],
ticks=[0, 100], granularity=0.0,
style=‘rating’, styleTweaks=(‘triangleMarker’,), opacity=None,
color=‘LightGray’, fillColor=‘Red’, borderColor=‘White’, colorSpace=‘rgb’,
font=‘Open Sans’, labelHeight=0.03,
flip=False, depth=-5, readOnly=False)
key_resp = keyboard.Keyboard()

How can I do it ?

Last question when the first one is solved, how to put the presented pairs randomly?

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Hi Caroline,

My experience regarding sliders is mostly about putting them online. To that end I have an alternative slider code (called interactive slider) which you can see on my Online Demos page.

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Hi Caroline,

I’ve only had experience with the Psychopy builder and online experiment but not coder. What I can think of is you can set three variables for three locations of slider text, and have a if logic to judge where each slider text should be according to the slider location (suppose you can get the slider position with a single line of code) in that routine. Hope this helps.

Hi Caroline, just to follow on from the above responses I do agree this would be much simpler to implement in builder - is there a particular reason that you must use coder?