Assigning participants to two conditions online

Description of the problem: I am conducting an online experiment. I would like to assign participants equally to my two conditions. For this, I used VESPR tool to assign my participants a consecutive number. After, I wrote a code at the beginning of the experiment:

if int(expInfo['participant'])%2:
    conditions = condition1.xlsx
     conditions = condition2.xlsx

Finally, I created a loop and set the conditions to the conditions.xlsx file (which contains my two conditions.)
From what I understood by reading what has been written, this should have worked but I am getting the error: “condition1 is not defined” and “condition2 is not defined”
I am not sure where I have a mistake.
Thanks in advance.

Filenames need to be in quotes.

Other errors this code will give you.

conditions is not defined (unless you put conditions = ‘’ before the if statement).

Unknown resources unless you add the two spreadsheets via Experiment Settings / Online as additional resources.