Assigned credits but some participants got red error message

Description of the problem: I bought and assigned credits to my experiment. However, several participants said they got an error message in red saying that there were not enough credits to complete the experiment. Other participants had no problem and were able to complete it. Why might that be and how do I avoid this in future?

You need to assign as many credits as you have people likely to start over a 24 hour period. Credits get reserved when someone starts and then either consumed when they finish or released after a period of time (24 hours IIRC). You can force release credits earlier than this, but you will then lose the data from anyone who is mid experiment.

Thanks for the reply. I had assigned more credits than the number of participants who were doing the experiment that day. That is why I couldn’t understand the reason for the error messages. There were still unused, assigned credits allocated to that experiment. Do I need to assign more credits than the number of participants who will do it? Is it a problem if too many participants start at the same time?

This. Participants who click on the link but don’t finish (or perhaps don’t even start) reserve a credit. It later gets switched back to unused.