Answer processing problem in local browser(builder)

jsPsych version (e.g. 7.3.1):
I’m having a problem using psychopy builder.
I’m trying to get participants to click on the appropriate color in a circle to get a response, and I’ve included a polygon named incorr in the whole picture so that if they click on an area other than the correct answer, they’ll get an incorrect response.
The polygons corresponding to the correct locations are labeled corr,corr_2,corr_4,and so on, and if the answer is correct, I only process the correct answer if I get two responses like [‘incorr’,‘corr’].
When I run the task in psychopy, the correct and incorrect answers are processed well, but when I run the program in local browser, it always says everything is wrong and the data processing is not responding to corrans. Please tell me what the problem is.

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