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An issue with corrupted data

A student has come to me with what appears to be corrupted data from a single experimental participant, we think its likely to be the case that it occurred due to her running the session from a USB but we can’t confirm that for obvious reasons.

I have warned her that she would likely have to discard the data, but i figured i would ask here as a long shot - is there was any conceivable way to recover the data?

The first few lines of the data file look like this:

qgEplVós]!K÷LJsvÉij "·$Q2 iŒ úgÝg}=õ¨T8)OVôpG|\ÒaéH)~Îdhl3´0k{VöhóL¨FrA¡nizc[Yèm.~ðy6/""^2iiNueçjg!¦Jk3If¤dëepeÃ~S&]xi3Rue‡" ¢p) h{g”È gT2¸—9 ôxJ£’4zs
tcya|k¨ìhIò=¥gü¬Ïáx_zÄq_5.ÉÁhX-é}QÛ!¬ûj9/²paôd__ricsY¢níäYµkD1OXerä[!áôD«mu\Z­:0nêi1zôYg{w³uñrS6xe. _5éM1fýøcksG®3fõiç8ò rGêªc%%×~WÙðo.we¾Jq¶éF{^Re3éLõ1S.­i9Nrióp[5òt<V12's®}ÿr§rqofão./eÙ3WhÚei.ôžr's¹o*ü_7zTDDfeörAîÕÕõ®}%M(£ qUwzÜ‹ ã²ufA(xMÄ$?-è “¬ ¤¬îl+‘dãtÌò¯4”

and eventually turns back into data for the last 10 data points or so.