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Alternative to Pavlovia

I have prepared an online experiment and piloted it in Pavolvia, however, I wonder if a different service provider (e.g. a JATOS server) can be used to run the experiment online or if we forcefully need to use Pavlovia. Besides Pavlovia, which other alternatives exist for running the experiments we have created in PsychoPy? And how can we use them?


Sorry, but you’d need to use version 2 to do this.

I see. Thank you for the quick response.

Hi Miguel and Wakecarter,

This is not the whole picture. JATOS can host Javascript-based experiment. PsychoJS is just another Javascript package, so it should work on any platform that can handle browser-based experiment given you provide the appropriate libraries.

So if you export the experiment as HTML and provide the libraries as well (usually in a lib folder), you can deploy your experiment on JATOS. I managed to do it and the data looks just as good, but the administrative part might be a bit messier. There are three caveats to this though:

  1. Psychopy is well-integrated with pavlovia, so this is your go-to place. Simple behavioral experiments, it shouldn’t be a problem.
  2. The exported experiment will think that you are debugging the experiment locally and offer to download the data after the experiment is completed.
  3. You need to add some extra lines of code for JATOS, so the data is uploaded to the JATOS server.

Psychopy can already be used as a python package and javascript package. If you write (and I mean code) your own experiment, it doesn’t matter where you deploy it until the appropriate packages/libraries are there too.

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