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Aligning Multiple Text Stimuli on the same screen

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In this type-to-copy task, two text stimuli will appear on the screen at once. One is the target and the other is a display of the typed input from the participant. I would like to align both of these text stimuli to the left. However, when I attempt to do so, they stubbornly stay aligned to the center. When I combined these two stimuli in one text component I was able to successfully align them to the left. However, a consequence of this solution is that I can no longer influence the color of the typed input display independent of the target. So, this solution is not optimal.

Currently, I am manually creating both text stimuli and setting the alignment to the left this way. I have also attempted to use the setAlignHoriz(‘left’) function to set alignment prior to the stimuli being drawn to the screen. Neither have worked when there are two text stimuli.

Any alternative solutions?