After successful PsychoPy-to-Pavlovia sync, the experiment does not appear in Experiments List on Pavlovia

URL of experiment: -

Description of the problem: I completed development of my PsychoPy experiment that uses Minecraft-based videos and synched it to my Pavlovia account. An earlier, incomplete version of the experiment successfully uploaded and ran on Pavlovia (titled Minecraft). After I synched the completed version, which was successful according to PsychoPy, the Minecraft experiment ran the older, incomplete version. I then deleted that experiment and uploaded the completed version under a new name (MinecraftExp, later also Minecraft_Pilot). None of the completed versions appears in my Experiments List, although PsychoPy indicates that synching was successful. I also checked my issue against already reported topics, but I could not find a problem description that matched mine. I use PsychoPy v2021.1.14 on a Macbook and run Pavlovia in the Chrome browser. Previous experiments worked flawlessly (after some debugging). What can I do to see my uploaded experiments?


did you try to clear the browser’s cache or run the experiment in a private tab?

Best wishes Jens