Ability to choose a different branch for piloting on pavlovia

I’m writing a jspsych experiment and run it via our institute’s pavlovia account. Currently, the experiments listed in the dashboard always reference the latest master branch. I get that this is the most straightforward setting for those using psychopy who are not really aware that git is doing version control in the background. But for me, it would be very useful to try out different versions on different branches without having to merge every candidate into master to try it. So my suggestion would be to add a dropdown in the dashboard where you can select the branch you want to pilot / run. Maybe even a sepcific commit or tag, but I understand if that’s too involved.

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Thanks for flagging @jkrum, your feedback is greatly appreciated, we take pride in listening to our users and will no doubt consider your proposal as we iterate to improve our platform :blush:

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Hi @sotiri, any update on this? I’ve got a branch I would like to check works correctly in the browser before merging it into the master.

Alternatively, is there a way to run the Javascript code locally in a way that would be similar to how Pavlovia runs it? Thanks!

Hi @jkrum, @JLC1, as it happens, the way to staging from a branch other than master at the minute is to edit the default via GitLab’s repository settings. The only catch is you also need to then momentarily deactivate the project in your dashboard to let Pavlovia know about the change before turning it back on if that makes any sense.

@JLC1 You can easily run your experiment locally from within PsychoPy: Send it to Runner, then hit the PsychoJS debugging button at the bottom of the sidebar. That should create a lib folder with the latest PsychoJS inside your project root, fire up a simple HTTP server on port 12002, and launch a preview window in your default browser.



@sotiri Perfect! Thanks for the help :slight_smile:

@sotiri Running the PsychoJS code in local debug mode runs the version that has mostly recently been pushed to Pavlovia, even if changes have been made and saved in the PsychoPy Builder. Is this intentional or a bug?

Am I misunderstanding the use of this feature? Ideally I’d like to test that Javascript code is functioning correctly before pushing it up to the repo.

Hi @JLC1, you need to choose Export HTML from the PsychoPy menu (cmd + E on the Mac) each time you change something in the Builder. You also have the option in Settings to automatically do that on each save, x

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