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A just one single click does not bring the next word up


I am a PhD candidate in Expeimentl psycholinguistics. I am using
PsychoPy for word-by-word self-paced reading tasks. However, I do have
a problem. The problem is the following. Sometimes, a just one single
click does not bring the next word up and participants should click
several times before the next word to show up.
It is really frustrating.
I am looking forward to helping me.
Marwa Mekni Toujani

Hi Marwa,

Happy to help with this, but more information needed! Could you please include a longer description of what you are trying to achieve, is there a certain condition that a single click does not work? Also information such as Psychopy version and operating system can be useful, and also if the problem is hard to describe you could include a really basic example that replicates this issue (i.e. a single routine and a loop).

Best wishes,


Thank you Oliver!

I developed my experiments using the builder view. Everything was going Ok despite the fact that after participants finish reading the texts word-by- word and when they click to bring the comprehension questions up. A single click is not enough and they should ckick several times that the questions appear. However, this doesn’t happen in all the questions: only for some though all of them are developed the same way.

Thank you again and I am looking forward for your response.

Marwa M.T.

Multiple click responses aren’t really supported natively and you usually have to put a code component in to count the clicks and respond when the required number is reached. Without a posted example, screen shots, or an idea of what you have tried so far I’m afraid it will all be guess work!

Here’s a thread from the old forum that explains self paced reading tasks:!searchin/psychopy-users/self$20paced$20reading|sort:relevance/psychopy-users/O7u_euN3Aps/OrnRMdiNAgAJ

Perhaps that will help.

Oli, I don’t think Marwa is needing multiple clicks, but is sometimes not getting the first click recognised.

Marwa, it’s really hard to tell from your message - I think we’d need to see more about how you’ve implemented your study. In general PsychoPy does indeed detect single clicks so I think something must be wrong in your study or the machine is struggling to keep up

Hi Marwa!

I have the same problem. At the end of every sentence, I have to click 5-9 times to get the next slide to show. I am wondering if you found a way to fix it??