403 Error / Pushing files issue

URL of experiment:

Updated description of the problem:
I got the files pushed so the there’s all in the repository but I’m still getting the 403 Forbidden nginx error…

Original description of the problem: When I click launch I get error: 403 Forbidden nginx

It looks like the first commit looks wasn’t fully successful?

Pyschopy still says “Pushing files to Pavlovia Pushing to Pavlovia for the first time…” and I can’t click anything (spinning wheel of death) Also, the GitHub repository is empty.

This has never happed to me before so I’m not sure what to do next… Any help would be appreciated!

Hi @anna1, when you first attempted to sync, did you receive any errors? The error appears related to how your files synced with Pavlovia, because your URL is not complete (it is missing the HTML folder). Because you have so many files, it takes a while to upload them to Pavlovia, so when your info msg says “syncing for the first time”, it is uploading all your files. You just have to wait for them to finish. Here is an example of your task, fully uploaded and working (will delete in a day or two, leaving here so you can see it working):